Natural Rich Cream 30 ml

Natural anti-wrinkles moisturizing cream with excellent results. Regenerates cells, prevents and repairs wrinkles, firms the skin, and increases luminosity.

- Antiwrinkles with excellent results

- Nourishes and hydrates face and neck (except for greasy areas)

- Regenerating and rejuvenating

- Efficient against pigmented or de-pigmented stains

Pot: 30 g. Sufficient for about 2 months.

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The natural oils contained in Natural Rich Cream have the highest concentrations of vitamin E, wheat germ oil having the largest amount of it. Thanks to this vitamin, Natural Rich Cream delays aging symptoms and softens your skin, hydrating it and giving it more elasticity. Because of its high contents in thiamine, riboflavin and niacin (from natural vitamin B) Natural Rich Cream protects worn-out or flaked skins, prevents and repairs wrinkles. Another remarkable feature of this cream is its high contents in antioxidants (vitamins C, E, K and carotenes), which makes Natural Rich Cream the perfect regenerator of skin cells capable of giving life back to aged and expressionless skin. Its high content in vitamin C improves the structure of the dermis, increases hydration and luminosity, firms the skin and diminishes wrinkles, fine lines and broken capillaries.

Eye contour

As it contains vitamins A, E, C and zinc, this cream prevents, stops, diminishes and eliminates the appearance of wrinkles. Apply a small amount of Natural Rich Cream with your index fingertip and gently massage for 30 seconds from the internal area of the eye towards the external area. The massage should be done with small, gentle touches without stretching the skin.

Two or more applications per day are recommended.


Apply several times a day in small amounts: the amount that we obtain when touching it with our fingertip is enough because this cream is highly concentrated in vitamins and zinc.

Massage onto the areas where more wrinkles appear: the smile area between the end of the nose and the corners of the mouth, around the lips, on the neck (upwards massage), on dehydrated skin.

It is an excellent hydrating and nourishing cream for dehydrated skins. It is recommended to apply it as often as necessary because the skin has to be constantly moist and fed with vitamin E. It is better to use a small amount several times since using a large amount once entails a waste of the cream.

Pigmented stains

One of the most important factors for pigmentation marks is skin dryness. In this case the skin has dehydrated and lost all its vitamins and minerals. A natural reaction to this problem is melanin production in the dry areas of face, neck or body to protect the skin against external factors, such as the wind or the sun. Other reasons for pigmented spots may be hormonal factors, poorly healed acne, excessive sun exposure or skin aging, usually known as “age spots”.

First apply Balance Liquid 2 times a day (each time with 5 successive applications waiting for 5 seconds between each application for the liquid to be absorbed). Then apply Natural Rich Cream.

You should consider that before feeling your skin dry you must apply Natural Rich Cream again for the skin not to lose the water and oil that it is regaining.

Hydrating and nourishing for normal and dry skins

It is an excellent hydrating and nourishing cream for dehydrated skins. It is recommended to apply it as often as necessary (before feeling the skin dry). It is better to use a small amount several times since using a large amount once entails a waste of the cream.

Regenerating support for the skin

It is a good regenerating cream because it contains the maximum units of antioxidants for the skin (vitamins A and E, C and the most important trace element: zinc). Its use maximizes skin quality. In a few days this cream soothes and eliminates irritations, such as itchiness and redness, in normal or dry skins.

To treat skins with a tendency to rosacea, eczema, redness, itchiness, sensitive skins, fine or fragile skins or skins treated with abrasive peeling, before applying Natural Rich Cream it is necessary to use only Abundance Cream for a period of time in order to make symptoms disappear and restore the natural condition. Then it is sufficient to apply a combination of Natural Rich Cream and Abundance Cream to achieve a good regeneration of the skin.

Recommendation: For all forms of use it is advisable to apply Natural Rich Cream several times a day but in small amounts. The amount obtained when touching with the fingertip is enough. After 10 minutes from application the skin has been provided with sufficient hydration and nourishment. If there are still some remaining cream or shine on the face they can be removed with a tissue or leave it to produce its action with a gentle massage from time to time. It should never be applied on oily areas of the skin (same as any type of cream).

Composition: Prunus amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil, Cera Alba, Glycerin, Daucus carota Fruit Extract, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, natural parfum, Salt Mine Mud, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate. 30 ml.

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Formas de uso:


Aplicar una pequeña cantidad de crema hidratante antiarrugas natural Natural Rich con la yema del dedo índice mediante un suave masaje, de unos 30 segundos, desde la zona interior del ojo hacia la exterior. El masaje debe realizarse mediante pequeños toques muy suaves sin estirar la piel. Se recomienda 2 o más aplicaciones diarias.


Aplicar dos veces al día y siempre poca cantidad: la cantidad que se consigue al tocar con la yema del dedo es suficiente, ya que esta crema hidratante y nutritiva es muy concentrada en vitaminas y zinc. Aplicar mediante masaje en las zonas donde se producen más arrugas:

- Zona del gesto que se produce entre la terminación de la nariz y la comisura de los labios.

- Alrededor de los labios.

- En el cuello (masaje en dirección de abajo a arriba).

- Pieles deshidratadas.


Uno de los factores más importantes en la aparición de manchas pigmentadas es la sequedad de la piel. En este caso, la piel se ha deshidratado y ha perdido todas sus vitaminas y minerales.

Una reacción natural frente a este problema es la producción de melanina en las zonas secas de cara, cuello o cuerpo para protegerse así de factores externos como el viento o el sol. Otras causas de la aparición de manchas pigmentadas pueden ser factores hormonales, acné mal curado, exposición excesiva al sol o el envejecimiento de la piel, conocido comúnmente como “manchas de la edad”.

Primero aplicaremos Balance Liquid 2 veces al día (cada vez 5 aplicaciones seguidas dejando espacio de 5 segundos entre cada aplicación para que el líquido se absorba). A continuación, aplicaremos la crema hidratante antiarrugas natural Natural Rich Cream.

Debemos tener en cuenta que, antes de sentir la piel seca, tenemos que volver a realizar otra aplicación de Natural Rich Cream para que la piel no pierda el agua y la grasa que está recuperando.


Para las pieles deshidratadas es una excelente hidratante y nutritiva. Es recomendable aplicarla tantas veces como se necesite (antes de sentir la piel seca). Es preferible utilizar poca cantidad de crema varias veces al día, ya que utilizar mucha cantidad una sola vez supone una pérdida de producto.


Para tratamientos en pieles con tendencia a cuperosis, eccemas, rojeces, picores, pieles sensibles, pieles finas y frágiles o pieles tratadas con peeling abrasivo, antes de aplicar Natural Rich Cream , hay que usar durante un tiempo, solo Abundance Cream para hacer desaparecer los síntomas y conseguir que la piel obtenga su estado natural . A continuación, basta con aplicar una combinación de Natural Rich y Abundance Cream , para una buena regeneración de la piel.

Recomendación: En todas las formas de uso, es conveniente aplicar la crema hidratante antiarrugas natural Natural Rich Cream varias veces al día, pero en poca cantidad, la cantidad que se consigue al tocar con la yema del dedo es suficiente. Transcurridos 10 minutos desde la aplicación, la piel ha recibido la suficiente hidratación y nutrición. Si aun hubiera restos de crema o brillos sobre la cara se pueden retirar con un pañuelo de papel o dejar que siga actuando, efectuando un ligero masaje de vez en cuando. No aplicar sobre las áreas grasas de la piel ningún tipo de crema.


Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Daucus Carota, Glycerin, Beeswax, Pentylene Glycol, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Natural aroma, Tocopheryl Acetate, Salt Mine Mud.. 30 ml. Envase: 30 ml. Suficiente para unos 2 meses. 

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