Experiences with the natural cosmetics of Mahnaz Paymani

Natural Rich Cream and Body Cream, by Carmina Alameda.

My name is Carmina Alameda and I’ve been using Natural Rich Cream by Mahnaz Paymani. All I can say is that it is formidable. I have dry and sensitive skin and since then it has greatly improved its appearance. It's the only treatment I follow. I have two daughters who also use the cream. Especially for after exposure to the sun or the cold is excellent. Another product I use is Body Cream, which reduces the dehydration of the skin, completely renewing it. The most notable efficacy has been in the skin of one of my daughters, who practices swimming. She has very sensitive skin, it is flaked, and having tried many moisturizing lotions, this Body Cream is the only one with proven effects.”

Natural Rich Cream, Balance Liquid and Body Cream, by María Asunción G. C.

I hereby declare that I am a client of Mahnaz Paymani since 1997. I am 33 years old and have been using the products: Balance Liquid, Natural Rich Cream and Body Cream, obtaining with them an excellent result, noting a complete elasticity in the skin, and having clarified cutaneous spots with the Balance Liquid, in spite of not having been completely constant. In addition, I have a 4 years old son who has excessively sensitive skin, and suffers from atopic dermatitis at certain times of the year, not having recourse to the dermatologist until today, being completely effective in his skin the referred creams, thus avoiding the usual products that normally contain cortisone and other chemicals.

Royal Cream, by Mª Carmen Sacristán Sánchez

My experience with Mahnaz Paymani products has been miraculous. I suffered from stretch marks after my pregnancy at age 41. After trying everything new and expensive on the market with very poor results, I decided to buy Royal Cream.

For two months I applied this cream morning and night on the areas with stretch marks, and what was my surprise that after a package I was surprised with the result, since I noticed how my skin regenerated from the inside. In addition to having the most beautiful skin than ever before, the stretch marks had almost completely faded. I continue to use the cream, and I have to confirm that they hardly notice, of course I will continue with this blessed cream, because after believing that only plastic surgery managed to erase the happy and ugly stretch marks, I confirm, that this cream unique to me in the market, definitely removes them. Thank you Mahnaz.”

Natural Rich Cream, by Eva María Sánchez

My name is Eva María Sánchez and I am writing to you to confirm that thanks to your Natural Rich cream the spots on my forehead have disappeared.

A few years ago, a series of spots appeared on the forehead because of the sun, I was trying various creams but none could make them disappear.

Someone told me about Natural Rich Cream, and I began to apply it daily in the forehead and the rest of the face, I tried to forget about the spots and in a matter of a year and a half, being constant, they disappeared.”

Abundance Cream, Natural Rich Cream and Balance Liquid, by Cristina Ostolaza.

I have to admit that although at first it took me a while to get used to the creams of Mahnaz Paymani, because of the oily feeling, I am delighted today. My skin is much more luminous, hydrated and much smoother. I recommend especially to alternate the Natural Rich and Abudance Cream and use Balance Liquid, in the morning before the cream. It has been wonderful to know these products, I recommend you to try them, you will surely love them.”

Balance Liquid, by Mayte Correa

Hello, I wanted to give my opinion because I am not surprised by the results of these products. I really like the world of cosmetics and have tried products from the market with no efficiency, in addition to the amount of chemical parabens that we are not aware that we give to our body. My family and friends use Mahnaz Paymani products and are delighted. From time to time we discover a new utility such as Balance Liquid for burns and eczema. I think that when something really works, it is necessary to make it known to others so that they also benefit from it. I am aware of the spots and in a matter of a year and a half, being constant, they disappeared me and from that moment I no longer leave it.

Abundance Cream by Cristina A.S.

I have been using it for two years because a friend from Alicante told me about it. I live in Madrid that is much drier, and I'm doing great. I’ve noticed the skin much more "juicy". Even my mothre, who is really critical, can tell. As eye contour goes phenomenal and you do not get oil around as with others. So I don’t buy eye contour anymore. By the day I apply very little and at night a bit more. I am 44 years old and now I have very a good skin juicy and with light.”

All, Dr. Isabel Argüello Roca (Medical Director Clínica de Medicina Estética Dolce Vita)

In the Dolce Vita Aesthetic Medicine Clinic we use Mahnaz Paymani natural cosmetic products daily in our medical work.

Its composition based on natural elements and with a high concentration of essential oils rich in antioxidants and trace elements help us in our Antiaging treatments to prevent and fight the effects of skin aging.

Mahnaz Paymani creams and lotions are also very effective in restoring the balance and normality of skins stressed by external or internal factors.

I have personally used Mahnaz Paymani products for over 25 years; I started using Natural Cream Rich Cream first and continued with the rest of products still today.”

Natural Rich Cream, by Raquel Ll. S.

This cream is great for dry skin. In addition, my youngest son has atopic dermatitis, so he has very dry skin. To him I apply this cream, not only in the face, but also in the entire body becoming his skin smoother, without dryness and without the little pimples and eczemas that he had before.”

Royal Cream, by Francisco García

I have used Royal Cream for the stretch marks that appeared after losing 11 kilos. One of the body parts where I used the cream was on the upper arms. After two weeks using Royal Cream, the little spots which, according to my dermatologist, was chelatosis disappeared.

Mahnaz Paymani explained that it was not really dermatitis, but that "pimples" were due to the dryness of the skin and the pressure of the hairs to come out. The result was incredible, since I did not expect it because I used the Royal Cream for stretch marks.”

Balance Liquid and Royal Cream, by Miriam

I took my son to the doctor because he had some white spots that I thought were vitiligo, but the doctor told me that the spots were due to dryness. Since I knew Mahnaz's products every morning, before I took my son to school, I apply Balance Liquid with a cotton disc with and put Royal cream on him. Only in the mornings, not even on weekends. I started to apply the products in September and in December he had nothing left. The spots that he had on his face before were completely gone.”

Normalizing Tonic, by Rachel

Mahnaz, thank you very much for all your products, the results are spectacular: the spots disappear on the skin and it acquires a perfect smoothness. With Normalizing Tonic hair grows faster and stays clean longer. Thank you very much, really”.

Hydrating Tonic, by Antonio Robles.

I suffered daily from constant pimples and irritation in the neck because of my work where I must wear a tie every day.

Since I do not like creams or aftershaves too much the day-long brushing of my shirt on my neck made my skin suffer a lot.

Only when I started using the moisturizing tonic of Mahnaz Paymani did I get satisfactory results, and what's more, irritation disappeared overnight. On top of this, the product does not have any type of perfume, so makes it very pleasant to use.”

Body Cream and Royal Cream, by Patricia

During adolescence I was a person with tendency to the appearance of stretch marks, both on the hips and on the chest. For this reason I have been very constant in my personal care during and after pregnancy. I have to say that alternating both Royal Cream and Body Cream, not only I have managed to have my skin super moisturized and prevent the appearance of more stretch marks, but I have improved significantly those I already had. Also I want to tell you that my baby the first few days was quite skin peeling, which seems to be quite common. After applying brand-specific creams for new-borns and watching that he did not improve as quickly as I would have liked, I decided to apply Royal Cream on both hands and feet. I do not want it to seem exaggerated but the improvement was visible with the first application and the next day it had completely disappeared, simply with two applications.

In summary, this is the first time that I leave a testimony regarding any of the products that I have used and I do it because if with my testimony I can help someone to use these products he/she will obtain the same benefits as I have.”

Royal Cream, by Ana Pérez

I have been using Mahnaz's products for several years, and I’m still surprised with the different uses you can give them, in addition to those indicated on the brochure. I think the benefits of the products on the skin are multiple and as my family and I use them, we deduce that it can be valid for several problems.

For example, my eldest son is an athlete and often has important chafing on the inner thighs that does not allow him to walk properly ... He says that Royal Cream is "miraculous" because he uses it and with a couple of applications his skin becomes regenerated.

Royal Cream is also fantastic for scars; I have one in a foot since almost 20 years ago always red and inflamed and has practically disappeared leaving only the part of the points but much more aesthetic.

In short, Mahnaz products are not only fantastic for what she indicates but over time we use them for many more applications. Being natural, we dare to try small applications and it works.”

Natural Rich Cream and Sun Protective Cream, by Yolanda N. C.

Hello! My name is Yolanda Navarro Cantó and I'm 23 years old. I hope this letter will help a lot of people.

I am a very nervous person and as a result of that, I had eczemas on my face, especially a very special one that use to come up in my neck when I received bad news. Many doctors treated me with all kinds of medications, even with corticosteroids. But it didn’t work in more than two years.

My mother had heard about Mahnaz Paymani's products. As we were so disappointed, we did not trust anything, but I still tried the Natural Cream Rich Cream, and indeed, thanks to it the eczema was gone.

I also want to add that thanks to Natural Protective Sun Cream this summer I have not get sun burned and I got a tan that was the envy of half Alicante. So far, every summer I changed the skin on my face and back, despite wearing all kinds of sunscreens, since my skin is very white.

I do not want this letter to look like the typical exaggerated letter that makes a product sell, whether it's good or not. I just want my experience with Mahnaz Paymani to help other people just like it has done with me.”

Several products, by the family Estrada - de la Cruz

We write this letter to express our appreciation for the product line of Mahnaz Paymani. We have been using them for more than 7 years and we are very satisfied with the results obtained with all of them: Hydrating Tonic, Natural Shampoo, Face mask, moisturizing and nourishing creams, etc. And of course, with the various advices that kindly gave us at Mahnaz Paymani.

We are a family of five and we all use the different products of this line, according to our needs.

We remain at your disposal to corroborate how much information is needed. Our thanks.

Balance Liquid, by Juan Sebastián

My testimony begins around August 2006, when I had some skin alterations. After many avatars with prestigious and renowned dermatologists of Alicante (two specifically), they did not arrive to the root of my problem.

It was a rather large eruption in the wrists, waist, buttocks and legs that stung and ached.

In one of the consultations, I realized that the doctor did not know what I had after three treatments with no results, some of them quite aggressive.

I contacted with the professionals at Mahnaz Paymani, told them about my problem and after visually examining me they recommended to apply Balance Liquid several times a day, especially when it stung me.

Two days later the problem that had lasted for more than six months were gone. I also hydrate more my skin now and I eat more fruit and vegetables, which was one of the other advice they gave me.”

Body Cream, by Lourdes Gómez.

I told a friend about my permanent dryness of elbows and knuckles. For me it is a big problem, because of the dryness my elbows and knuckles darken and it gives them an ugly appearance. My friend recommended me to try Mahnaz Paymani's Body Cream, since she has been using her products for quite some time and had obtained a very good result. When I placed the order online, Mahnaz herself called me and gave me some tips on how to use this cream. She recommended that I put it several times a day and in 4 or 5 days the dryness of my elbows and knuckles completely disappeared. The truth is that I have tried many products and it was never completely gone, I always got dry again. With the body cream of Mahnaz Paymani I have managed to have very soft elbows and knuckles.”

Several products, by Raquel Ll. S.

I gladly write these lines to give written testimony of the benefits I find in the products of Mahnaz Paymani, which I have been using for years, highlighting their good qualities. The products I use and the benefits I receive are:

Normalizing Tonic: This liquid removes oil from hair, leaving it thicker and preventing the oil from coming back soon. In addition, when you use it for a while you can feel more hair coming out.

Natural Rich Cream: This cream is great for dry skin. My youngest son has atopic dermatitis, so his he has very dry skin. I apply this cream to him, but not only in the face, but throughout the body, noting that it is softer, without dryness and without the pimples and eczema that came before.

Balance Liquid: It's incredible. I remember when I apply it on ​​the groins area on spots that itch very much. After going to the doctor and using for a week the ointment he prescribed, it was still the same. I talk to someone at Mahnaz Paymani and recommended me this liquid. The day after using it it was completely healed! Now I use it when pimples from sweat or any other cause appear. I also apply it to my children in any spot that they have or even on mosquito bites.

Natural Protective Cream and Tanning Cream: I started using it last summer. I have very white skin and I find it hard to get tanned, besides, I always burn my skin. When I started applying this cream not only I didn’t get burned but I got a tan tone like never before.”

Abundance Cream, Hydrating Tonic and Body Cream, by María G.

I would like to express my gratitude to Mahnaz Paymani for how she has expressed her wisdom in each of these products, as effective as no other in the market.

My skin is very dry, reactive and I usually suffer episodes of dermatitis on the face. In the middle of one of those episodes I received Mahnaz Paymani's Abundance Cream and what was my surprise that with a single day of application of it, my skin began to improve, and in a couple of days was completely recovered, in fact was better than before. Nothing to do with the creams with cortisone and chemicals prescribed by the dermatologist, with which the dermatitis took several days to heal, and the skin was then dry and weak for days.

Then I continued with the application of Abundance cream and added to my routine the Hydrating Tonic, and my skin is as hydrated as never before. I noticed it very strengthened and even the wrinkles of expression have diminished. I have tested previously all kinds of creams from the most expensive to the ones at the pharmacy, and none of them has leave my skin like Mahnaz products.

As for the Body Cream I am also pleasantly surprised by its effects, moisturizes in depth and its effect lasts all day.

Its also Incredible the result of Natural Protective Sun cream. At first I confess that I doubted it could work as it doesn’t show the factor of sun protection. But after using it I have verified that the skin is effectively protected from the sun, with a nice tan and highly hydrated.

In my opinion it was very useful to consult the professionals at Mahnaz Payman, who after hearing my skin problems, told me what products to use and how to use them. I also find very interesting all the information that appears on the website.”

Body Cream, Abundance Cream and Natural Rich Cream, by Maite.

Hello, my name is Maite. I have tried many products that exist in the market and I can say that for me those of Mahnaz Paymani are the best by far. I do not change them for anything. Some parts of my body were constantly peeled and sometimes it stung and with Body Cream I solved my problem. I also use Natural Rich cream and Abundance Cream combining them and I feel my skin juicy and great. My family uses them as well. I am grateful to Mahnaz Paymani every day for the quality of her products.”

Natural Rich Cream, by Isabel.

My name is Isabel, I am from Alicante and I am 43 years old. I am a beautician, although I do not dedicate myself to the profession. Therefore, and because I like it, I am informed of the advances in the world of aesthetics.

The market in general offers us a very varied range of products, one or two for each thing, and the more expensive, we believe that the more effective they are. That is why, after some time using the products of Mahnaz Paymani, especially Natural Cream Rich Cream, I abandoned it and opted for the latest and most advanced products that were on the market.

But after some time, and remembering the effects caused on my skin by the creams of Mahnaz Paymani, I went back to them again. Now I would not leave them at all. I’ve been using these products for 10 years and so far, thanks to them I have not seen any wrinkles on my face.

In my opinion the products of this line are perfect, the best and more natural that I could find.”

Natural Rich Cream, Sun Protective Cream, Hands & Lips and Normalizing Tonic, by Antonia Rubio Gómez.

I am 36 years old and until 7 years ago I used cosmetic products from well-known brands until I decided to try Natural Rich Cream by Mahnaz Paymani, observing since then that with its application, my skin is preserved and hydrated for longer.

My husband has very sensitive skin and also uses this cream, because besides moisturizing, it facilitates the shaving.

My mother-in-law is 67 years old and has used the same cream for some months. She has a spot on the face (because of age) and since she use Natural Rich she has noticed improvement and more softness on her skin.

The effect we have achieved with Natural Sun Protective Cream is different from that obtained with the rest of creams and lotions. Tan lasts longer and there has been no reddening after sun exposure.

The same thing happens with Nose and Lips crem that we use in winter. With the tubes of cocoa I bought at the pharmacy my children still had cracks on their lips, because when they licked it and it was gone. I do not know the exact reason, but since we used this cream my children never have their lips cut.

I have sporadically hair fall that I can stop with Normalizing Tonic. In addition the hair lasts longer clean. I have to say, however, that this product I have not compared with any other in the market, since I have never used other lotions.

Waiting for my presentation, based on my personal experience, to be useful, I greet you.

Several products, by Charo S.

I have always had acne problems, and the truth is that I am doing very well with these products. Before I knew them I tried everything. I went to dermatologists and none were able to solve my problem, until I started using these products and my skin completely changed.

Other products I use are Natural Shampoo and Normalizing Tonic because I had a hair loss problem, due to seborrhea in the scalp, and this caused me a great itch. By using this lotion and this shampoo, hair loss, seborrhea and itching were stopped.

I also use Body Cream because on the soles of my feet and heels were hard and this cream made them soft.

My mother also uses the products of Mahnaz Paymani since she could not use any cream because they all produce her allergies, even the most expensive ones. Natural Rich Cream does not cause any allergy to her. Many times she use to have a eczema on the eyebrows and using this cream it disappeared.

Another product that my mother uses is Body Cream and leaves her skin very soft, like the one of a young girl.

My conclusion after using these products is to recommend them to everyone, since me and people I know have obtained unbeatable results.

Royal Cream, by Clemen M.

Dear Mahnaz. Hope this letter finds you well.

I enclose two photos. The other day I burned my arm with the oven tray and I've been putting Royal Cream. You will see how it has healed it! It is miraculous indeed. Thank you very much.


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